Thursday, November 17, 2022


Warren Bloom, Sr. Committeeman, Ward 6 Division 5

Philadelphia, PA     

Phone: 267-339-1444 Email:


Committee member Warren Bloom was named in May, 2021 the 6th Ward, 5th Division acting committee person to serve West Philadelphia. Ward 6 includes the culturally diverse communities of Brooklyn, Mantua, Belmont, Mill Creek, Powelton Village, and Saunders Park. 

Warren Bloom Sr. born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, where his parents instilled in him the value of service and hard work. Warren is the youngest of four male siblings and two female siblings. Working in the family’s music business, retail jobs, and delivering pizzas, Warren saved for college. After attending local public schools such as Shoemaker Elementary and Overbrook High School, he was a graduate of high school in 1970, he balanced several jobs, paying his way to Cheney University. He spent time studying communication for 2 1/2 years from January 1974 through June 1976.

After college Warren put his education and experience to work by working professional jobs and serving the community.

Warren became a licensed life and health insurance agent for North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance, and served as a financial broker and advisor to several other national companies and institutions as well. Today he is a licensed Public Claims Adjuster operating as an independent Philadelphia professional. 

Warren is a full-time music professional and media professional in the business of performance bands, recording artists, music directing, concert promoting, song writing, photography, videography, newsroom work - television, print and radio. He is also a full-time manager with the Van Stone Productions Foundation, Inc. 501c3, aka  Van Stone Philadelphia, business. He has worked with Van Stone Productions for the past 17 years since 2005; with Van Stone Productions, Warren serves children and their families.   

Warren is a Minister of the Bible Ministries Fellowship Church, an ordained member of member of the pastoral staff responsible for implementing the church’s mission to reach the City of Philadelphia and evangelize urban Philadelphia by leading the outreach efforts of the church. The Minister of the Bible Ministries is guided by the Pastor Minister Dr. Shirley Ann Ross. Warren’s ministry is to do outreach as he supervises the work of the outreach to youth and adults. He serves the public using cross-cultural awareness skills and engages in outside ministry activity (e.g., publishing, speaking, serving on boards, etc.).

Warren has served our community through the offices of the City Board of Elections as a judge of elections, offices of City Beautification as a block captain, and offices of City Town Watch as a neighborhood watch leader.  

As a committee person, block captain, and town watch leader, Warren has prioritized fighting for the challenges facing hard-working families citywide. Warren brings real life experience and understanding of issues critical to our community, such as jobs, fair pay for essential workers, and public health and public safety. 

Warren, aka “Bloom in the Spring," is one of the residents’ of Philadelphia's favorite political advocates. In 2003 he began to seek public office as a candidate for Democrat City Commissioner. Unsuccessful, he ran again for City Commissioner in 2007 and again in 2011. Warren was a candidate for State Representative, 195th District in 2013. He ran for the office of Traffic Court Judge in 2016.

Beyond his role on the City Board of Elected Committee Persons, Warren spends his free time volunteering for local youth leadership mentorship programs, civics education programs that teaches high school students about the importance of public service and civic engagement. A professional drummer and singer, Warren is best known for the song “Double Dutch Bus” which his brother “Bill Bloom” wrote and produced along with the late Frankie Smith.”

Committeeman Bloom proudly calls Philadelphia his home, and is honored to represent the hardworking residents of the city. Bloom now feels due to the current uprising and escalating poverty and violence it’s now time for those who love the City of Philadelphia to stand up and take back our communities and protect the citizens from the senseless assault and unrest that we all may have experienced over the recent years.






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